FaveSalon built an app just for stylists

Scheduling and communicating with your stylists is a breeze with the FaveStylist App, where all data will be synced with SAMS POS.

Stylists' booking appointments and availabilities are synced across all platforms: FaveStylist app, SAMS POS, and salon website

Stylists can be booked via app

Salon bookings shown on FaveStylist app

Booking updates all synced

Stylists are notified of cancellations

Get an overview of all stylists' statuses, availabilities, and client waiting times on the job board TV

Info is updated live

Works with all TVs

Professional appearance

Improve communication

Stylists can update work schedules on the fly as well as see what jobs are assigned for the day—streamlining communications between stylists and salons

Updates to schedule will sync to salon's

Overview of jobs assigned for the day

Improved communication

Simple to use and learn

Stylists can accurately track their own service tickets and commissions for transparency (no need to waste time reconciling with the salon at the end of each pay period)

Filter records by date

View details for each ticket

See commission reports on-demand

Downloads report as needed

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