About Us

About Our Company

FaveSalon is a SAAS (Software as a Service) technology company utilizing cloud computing, mobile apps, social media platforms, and data-driven algorithms to connect the beauty salon industry in three areas: Salon, Stylists, and Consumers.We passionately believe that technology is the future and the time is now. We have seen how it can change to elevate many industries, and challenge the status quo on how things are supposed to be done. We look forward to being part of moving the entire industry forward and to create many new and exciting opportunities in the process.

Our Mission

A platform that connects the beauty salon industry by creating an ecosystem of Apps, Software, and Smart Devices/Hardware which seamlessly work together to streamline processes, boost profits, and scale limitlessly.

Our Values

Our goal is to turn a salon's most tedious, slow, and time-consuming daily tasks to become streamlined and automated, so that salon owners can have more time to provide clients with the best customer experience possible.Owners will have access to insightful data metrics at their fingertips in order to make impactful decisions, and scale their business with no limits.Beauty stylists are accounted for and rewarded for not just their work, but how much they earn. Our technology and tools will allow stylists to receive increased recognition from peers and clients, as well as enable stylists to take full control of their career.A connected nails industry where knowledge and information are shared will move the entire industry to a whole new level, in which everyone can benefit from the new opportunities that arise.