Introducing SAMS Pro

A complete system for salon looking for stress-free operation with a goal for automation so their business can scale without limit.

Stress-Free Operation

Automate your process to grow your business

Responsive Website

Attract more new clients searching online

Client Relations

Incentivize clients to visit and refer their friends

Point of Sale

Check out clients with credit card payments and reports


The ability to connect with clients on-demand

The ability for salons to have a 360 view of everything going on in their business even if they’re not there, with staff knowing they’ll be accountable for their actions

Clients Self-Serve

Clients can easily follow a few simple steps to sign in and salon can immediately see client’s info: new or existing, how long the wait is and previous visit, etc.

Turns & Assign

System will assign clients to the next qualifying stylist based on the settings that salon set

Stylist App

Stylist will be notified that a new client was assigned

Salon website can be the most effective strategy to drive more clients to your salon 24/7

Responsive Modern Design

Engage your clients with a mobile-friendly website to showcase your salon’s images, services, hours, and directions.

SEO Enhanced

Get found from Google local searches, easily update tags, keywords, and meta descriptions any time.

Latest Website Technologies

Your salon website can be changed out annually to the latest designs and technologies, with no downtime and with existing content intact.

Reward programs that incentivize clients

Visits or Points

Provide your clients with rewards for visits or amount spent. The system will automatically text the reward once they’re qualified.

Birthday Perks

On the client’s birthday, they will receive a special message and discount set by salon— an experience that your clients will remember about your business.

Refer Friends

Your existing client will receive a referral code, which they can share with a friend. Once a friend redeems the code, the existing client will receive a reward.

All-In-One POS system that is easy to use and feature-rich to help salons have full control

Fast Adaptation

User-Friendly touch user interface designed for anyone to learn and use the system within the same day

Seamless Integration

SAMS POS works by itself or modularly integrates with over a dozen apps to automate your salon operations

Payment Flexibility

Check out with multiple payments at the same time and use many types of payments: Credit Card, Debit Card, Gift Card, Rewards and Points

We offer the fastest ROI (return on investment) for your marketing campaign with SMS texting and TV signage


The ability to send SMS texts to 50 clients at one time, to offer happy hour specials to promote the days that are slow

Set Reminders

Have the system automatically send out SMS text reminders with coupon to clients that have not returned in a certain amount of days

TV Signage

Play image slideshows or videos on TV to entice your clients to try a new service or spend more


15” Android LCD with Stand

13” Cash Drawer
(Black or White)
Receipt Printer Bluetooth
(Black or White)
7” Payment Android Tablet
with Kickstand
Credit Card Reader

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
(Black or White)

8” Check-In Android Tablet
with Kickstand

Signage Player for TV