Introducing SAMS CRM

Client Relations Manager designed for salons to easily retain and entice existing clients; features reward programs, reminders to visit more often, and options to share with their friends.

Reward Programs that incentivize clients

Visits or Points

Provide your clients with rewards for visits or amount spent. The system will automatically text the reward once they’re qualified.

Birthday Perks

On the client’s birthday, they will receive a special message and discount set by salon— an experience that your clients will remember about your business.

Refer Friends

Your existing client will receive a referral code, which they can share with a friend. Once a friend redeems the code, the existing client will receive a reward.

A salon website can be the most effective strategy to drive more clients to your salon 24/7

Responsive Modern Design

Engage your clients with a mobile-friendly website to showcase your salon’s images, services, hours, and directions

SEO Enhanced

Get found from Google local searches, easily update tags, keywords, and meta descriptions any time

Latest Website Technologies

Your salon website can be changed out annually to the latest designs and technologies, with no downtime and with existing content intact

Effectively managing clients reviews are essential for salons

What Are Clients Saying?

Read what clients are saying about your salon and staff, as invaluable insight to know what you’re doing right and what needs to improve

Share Good Reviews

Promoting good reviews on your salon’s social media makes it easy for clients to also share their good reviews automatically via Yelp, Facebook, and Google

Control Poor Reviews

All clients' poor reviews will go directly to you, so that you can respond to the client directly—allowing you to take the necessary actions to resolve issues and keep clients happy


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8” Check-In Android Tablet
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