Get quick results by connecting with your clients on-demand

Effectively communicate with your clients via SMS texts for specials and announcements.

Upselling and referrals
are the most effective ways to market your salon

Images to your clients'
smartphones will ensure
immediate engagement

We offer digital signage in order to visually communicate promotions to clients

Why salons need a marketing package

•  Upselling and referrals are the most effective way to market your salon •  Images to clients' smartphone will ensure immediate engagement •  We offer digital signage for TV in order to upsell and visually communicate promos to clients

We offer the fastest ROI (Return on Investment) for your marketing campaign with SMS text capabilities


The ability to send SMS texts to 50 clients at one time, to offer happy hour specials to promote the days that are slow

Set Reminders

Have the system automatically sent out SMS text reminders with coupon to clients that have not return in the set amount of days

Clients Filtering

Specifically filter out specific group of clients to connect to offer specials to bring them back

Digital signage is a great way for salons to promote new offers or upsell to clients while waiting

TV Signage

Play image slideshow or video on TV to entice your clients to try a new service or spend more

Digital Menu

Display your service menu on TV, and it can be updated easily. The flexibility to create seasonal menu and pricing.

Manage Remotely

All signage contents can be manage and upload form anywhere on a laptop with internet connection.

Amplify your business

We offer a complete marketing package that will boost your visibility online.

Our marketing package includes:


Blast SMS messages with images to all your clients at the same time

Social Manager

Save time by pushing all of your social media posts from one platform


Our digital signage can display images and videos all across tablets and TVs

Social Wall App

See live social media postings from you and your clients on TV

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